A woman writes: 11 things I’ve learned from dating a Senegalese man

On our travels, we met a beautiful couple who were very much in love with each other: Gisela, a dentist from Dresden, and Amadou, a post-graduate student from Dakar. They’ve been dating for three months and plan to marry next year. So what’s the secret to a successful love affair between a European gal and an African lad? Here are Gisela’s top tips.

1.) Don’t be shocked if they ask you to marry within the first month

2.) You may have to get married before you can satisfy each other’s needs – but stick with it, it’s most likely worth the wait!! (If you know what I mean😏)

3.) You may experience the best kiss you will ever have!

4.) You may go from spending 24 hours a day together for a period to not seeing each other for months on end. Try that – it’s hard!!

5.) Mashing up two people from two so different cultures, you’ll always have something new to learn from each other, and always have different views on things. There’ll be loads of discussions! On the other hand, you won’t get bored.

6.) From all the differences and discussions, you’ll probably get even closer because you learn so much about the other person that you know exactly how to handle every situation and make up after a “fight”.

7.) You’ll probably have the cutest kids. Not only will they be beautiful both on the outside, they will also know more languages and have a wider knowledge of different cultures from a young age.

8.) Get ready for a big family! You may not have 20 kids yourself, but your African date will probably have at least 10 siblings and a biiig number of other relatives, so you’ll have to cram countless names in a short period of time! And since Senegalese people are so welcoming, expect to be part of the family from the first second.

9.) You may get depressed when you go home because you ‘ll probably never find such a nice, warm hearted, kind and loving person again (at least you’ll have to search far and wide).

10.) Get used to waiting! Senegalese people are not known for being on time. (“J’arrive” he says, like as he’ll be gone for 10 minutes, only to arrive five hours later. )

11.) Be aware: men are allowed to have FOUR wives here!


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