Rapper Abd Al Talib: a raw talent

Just when it was time to turn in after an evening spent by the pool, I was introduced to Samba aka Abd Al Talib. Barely 18, he looked younger than his years: should he even be allowed at the bar at this late hour?

Samba is a rapper whose track “We live for hip-hop” got my travel companions Phaki and Vijay uncommonly excited. So I grabbed his phone and had a listen. Maybe the warm glow of the tropical night and the brilliance of the pool shining turquoise in the darkness coloured my judgment, but I was blown away. Here I was in deepest Senegal listening to a track that was artfully produced, had its own unmistakeable language and, more than that, a completely addictive hook.

Was I just intoxicated by my surroundings, or would I feel the same enthusiasm once I listened to it again at home in London? I’m happy to say that Samba’s tune lost nothing of its compelling force in transit. And while I’m no hip-hop expert, I can see a great future for Abd Al Talib. Think I’m getting a bit carried away? Then check out his song below and judge for yourself.


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