We like: supporting local craftspeople

Christmas is almost upon us. If you’re a determined Grinch and consumerism refusenik, I hear you. Yet there is a middle way between mindlessly splurging on the one hand, and boycotting the season of goodwill altogether: you could buy presents that not only delight the receiver, but also helps craftsmen and -women in far-flung places.


Artisanne was founded by two sisters from London,  Elizabeth and Emma, who fell in to love the work of local artisans while visiting Senegal. At first, they used to buy woven baskets at the market in Dakar to bring them back as presents and decorate their own homes. Struck by the positive response, the sisters soon decided to source the baskets directly from weavers in remote Senegalese villages. In  doing so, they’re not only offering a great product – they also help provide a fair and regular income to the accomplished women who create these eye-catching artefacts. It’s also always worthwhile to put money directly into women’s hands.

Linking producers and buyers in this way is globalisation at its best – and shows the benefits travel and tourism can bring. More than that, Artisanne lets you splash out on friends and family with a clean conscience.



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